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What places would I like to know? Date: Apr 24th @ 6:25pm EDT
Well I really love to travel around the world and if I have the possibility to travel it would be great, plus a great life experience! I would especially like to know Canada, Paris, the United States, Europe, and some Asian countries that call my attention. I can confess that I find myself learning languages that allow me to relate to people from all over the world.
Some places to visit in Venezuela Date: Apr 24th @ 6:25pm EDT
In my future projects, I plan to continue knowing Venezuela my country, although today I live in Colombia which is a very beautiful place, I want to travel throughout Venezuela as I find it so attractive and beautiful, I can mention some places like: The Gran Sabana, Colonia Tovar, Pico del Avila in Merida, the Wine Cascade, Angel Falls, the natural pool in Monte Roraima, Crasqui Island (Los Roques).
My Venezuela Date: Apr 24th @ 6:23pm EDT
It is a wonderful country, I love its plains, beaches, rivers and mountains, Uff is so beautiful that I would lack words to describe the emotion I feel at this time telling you about it LOL ... I feel so proud to have been born in that place. I had the opportunity to know different places, and the truth is, I felt so happy to appreciate its beautiful landscapes, that among them I can name its beaches: Morrocoy National Park, Isla Larga, Cayo Sal, Cayo Sombrero, La Rosa and I can't stop naming the San Carlos Peninsula (better known as San Carlos Island), where I appreciated being between the Gulf of Venezuela and the Maracaibo Lake, it was a super cool experience. Also Los Medanos de Coro, which is a beautiful desert of sand, the Lomas de Cubiro, all too spectacular with its comfortable cold weather and its landscapes, not to mention the state of Merida and its small towns, I can not with so much emotion LOL. Visit Barinas, a plain place very similar to the culture of the countryside with huge plains and raising cattle of all kinds with a very diverse ecosystem typical of the region! If you read this Blog I invite you to check these places on the internet, if you can't travel, you will be delighted to see them
Something about my tastes. Date: Apr 24th @ 6:22pm EDT
In most of my free time I like to be alone, I like to listen to music more than watch TV; I like to sleep a lot LOL, I love to eat pizza, it is one of my favorite foods (even if it is not healthy), I also like the typical Venezuelan food, Yummy..., I love to eat Cachapa with Cheese and Fried Pork (something I miss a lot from that place)... Sometimes I like to drink beer, either alone or accompanied, I'm not a club person (before quarantine), I feel more comfortable and better from an environment in a meeting of friends or family in a house, I love to dance LOL, I think they have observed in transmission.
About Mia Cambell Date: Apr 24th @ 6:20pm EDT
Mia is a very simple person, I love the little pleasures of life, like enjoying a delicious coffee with friends and/or family and having a good conversation. The beach is one of my favorite places, it disconnects me from the world and I can re-encounter myself, I can correct myself and improve constantly, I can be better every day; although I can't go to the beach very often, I evaluate myself alone in my room.

I like to be happy in transmission, always maintain a good attitude, for those who visit me feel happy to share with me, although I must confess, I am a girl with little patience for everything, however I feel that I have good feelings, and more with people I appreciate.
Colombia! Date: Oct 2nd @ 2:47pm EDT
Hello guys! Today I want to talk to you about my experience living in Colombia. I am from Venezuela but for 8 months I settled in Colombia, exactly in Cali.
I like culture and language very much, they are very similar to my country, this makes me feel at ease and it is not so difficult to have left my house. The food is a little different, but it is delicious, in this sense I miss my country a lot.
I have traveled very little in Colombia, I was in the famous city of Medellín, the accent of the paisas is very fun. I was also in Bogotá, the capital, it is a very big city and I loved the weather !!
I would like to know the Atlantic coast of Colombia, especially Cartagena, I have seen pictures of it and the colonial architecture is beautiful.
Tell me if you have visited Colombia, what places .... l
Then I will talk about my country
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